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Wetland bird habitat perfected thanks to John Spedan Lewis Charitable Trust's funding

 3rd Nov 2017

Wetland bird habitat perfected thanks to John Spedan Lewis Charitable Trust’s funding

The John Spedan Lewis Charitable Trust contributed £2,000 towards a programme of work to improve the habitat of endangered wetland birds at our Burtle Moor Nature Reserve. Thanks to their funding new water control structures were able to be built, enabling the water levels to be at the right level for wetland birds to feed and breed.

In September 2017 we replaced the old and broken drainage system that was creating conditions too dry for wetland birds with new and up to date infrastructure which reacts to fluctuating water levels.

Now that this work is complete we will start to see huge benefits to the wildlife that lives there, particularly in the Spring. We will begin breeding bird surveys in April 2018 and hope, now that the habitat for many species of wetland birds has been improved, that we will see Snipe, Lapwing and Redshank there. And, thanks to having such improved infrastructure that over time this will create the environment needed to see the Curlew return to breed in this part of the Levels,

An added bonus of this work is that it has enabled better access for livestock, which will further improve the conditions wetlands birds need, as grazing with cattle and/or ponies  provides good, varied sward conditions for nesting, and dung for the invertebrates that the waders feed on.


Snipe 002 cpt Amy Lewis