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UK Climate Coalition's Week of Events

 7th Oct 2016


The UK's Climate coalition is holding a week of events to encourage people to come together to talk to our MPs, to ask them to protect what we love. Through celebrating the people, places and things we want to protect from climate change, we can make sure that politicians see and feel that we care.

There is good evidence that climate change is already affecting our UK biodiversity with many species occurring further north and at higher altitudes than in previous decades. Although a warmer climate will benefit some species and habitats in the short-term, this is likely to be countered by extreme weather events and negative impacts on others, and likely disastrous effects of long-term temperature rises on our environment.

By talking about the local flooding that concerns you, the damaging effects of climate change on our wildlife, or community energy initiatives nearby, you can remind your MP that this is an issue that concerns their constituency too. We know that most of the UK public want to see action to tackle climate change, though many politicians are unlikely to take action unless they realise how many of us care about what we could lose.

Here are some links to help you contact your MP or organise a wildlife-themed event. Please don't worry if it is too late to organise a new event in time for the week of action - effective and fun events can be held any time you are able!

To find out more about the effects of climate change on our wildlife: