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Calling all Langport residents! We need your vote to help bag funding to improve local woodlands

 10th Jul 2018

Tesco 110th July, 2018 - Somerset Wildlife Trust is pleased to have been selected as one of the charities to benefit from the ‘Tesco’s Bags of Help’ initiative, which awards grants raised from the 5p carrier bag charge to fund local community projects. There are grants of £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 up for grabs, and Somerset Wildlife Trust is asking Tesco shoppers in Langport and surrounding areas to use the store’s token voting scheme to help it secure the maximum amount of £4000 to support its ‘Woodland Wonder at Allen & Beer Wood’ project.

This project is focussed on helping local people more easily access their nearby green outdoor spaces, by improving footpaths, coppicing and clearing scrub in this magical woodland. The grant will therefore help the community to use and enjoy the woodland, as well as help Somerset Wildlife Trust maintain the woodland in order to welcome wildlife such as dormice.

Aller & Beer wood is a fantastic place for local people to experience nature, and is a particularly good spot to see woodland wildflowers like Bluebells and Wood Anemone in spring.  It is also home to now lesser seen species like the dormouse and White Admiral butterfly. At Somerset Wildlife Trust we believe that if people can experience their County’s wildlife, then they will value their local environment more, and thus work to protect and preserve it.

Voting will take place in the Langport Metro from Sunday 1st July to Friday 31st August 2018 and customers will cast their vote using a token given to them at the check-out in store each time they shop.

Katie Arber, Head of Fundraising says: “We have some really wonderful and loyal members and volunteers in and around Langport, and we hope that they will support us in helping to maintain their local wild spaces. We hope that with this funding, we can get more people out and enjoying the wonderful woodland right on their doorstep, but we need help to secure that funding, so please vote for us!”

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