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Badgers and Bovine TB

Somerset Wildlife Trust is firmly opposed to the badger cull and no Wildlife Trust will allow badger culling on its land. As we enter the fourth year of culling in Somerset, the need for the voices of our members and supporters to be heard has never been stronger.

badger13 - Darin SmithCulling badgers has no scientific basis. It is a wasteful and wholly misguided Government policy. All the scientific evidence indicates that the cull will not reduce bovine Tuberculosis (bTB); it could make the problem worse due to the perturbation effect where the disease is spread by badgers moving between setts post-cull.

We work closely with the farming community in Somerset and are very conscious of the hardship that bTB causes. There needs to be a co-ordinated effort to find an effective, long-term and sustainable solution. Cattle-to-cattle transmission represents the most important route of disease spread, so the Government’s strategy to eradicate bTB should be focused on a vaccination programme­ for cattle and badgers ­and biosecurity measures.


Please sign and share the e-petition, created by our Patron Simon King, that calls on the Government to stop the badger cull. 

You can find out more about badgers and Bovine TB here, and the latest update on the badger cull here


Badger Doc

Why the government's bovine TB policy needs to change

Our new infographic explains why vaccinating badgers, not culling them, should be central to the Government's strategy to control bovine TB. Click here to download it.