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Live Barn Owl Nest Box Webcam

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Boris and Brenda

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching -­ why not send a special e-card (see below) to your loved one with the help of Somerset’s most famous barn owl couple?

Simply make a donation (minimum £1), with the option to add a Valentine’s message for Boris and Brenda, then send the email address of the person you would like to receive the e-card to .

The Valentine’s Day e-card will be sent out on 13 February. That the sender was a Somerset Wildlife Trust supporter will be the recipient’s only clue as to who sent it…

The best Boris and Brenda Valentine’s Day messages will be displayed on our barn owl webcam webpage!

Rest assured that recipients of the Boris and Brenda Valentine’s Day e-card will receive no further communication from the Trust unless they choose to sign up to our newsletter. All email addresses will be deleted once the e-card has been sent.

Click on the arrow above to start the webcam.

Wildlife camera systems by Wildlife Windows Ltd

Let us know what you see on the webcam, leave a comment below

What we know so far about this pair
The current male owl arrived in the box in July. It had been empty for a short time after the six chicks fledged. As far as we know the chicks are doing well but they can disperse a long distance with chicks that had previously been ringed in Somerset found as far a field as the M25 and Humberside. If a breeding pair is in a good territory, with lots of food, (like this one) they are likely to produce a second brood. This didn’t happen which leads us to think that Brenda disappeared (and the current female is a different owl.) The current male could be Boris but because of moulting it’s very difficult to ID an owl by its feather patterns so we can’t be sure.

You can read the latest info we have about the status of barn owls in Somerset here.

The box is situated on private land in east Somerset. We are watching the nest site but won’t be intervening.

Warning: This webcam contains live unedited footage of a family of barn owls. Please understand that at times this may include disturbing images, discretion is advised.

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The Somerset Community Barn Owl Project is funded by Viridor Credits Environmental Company; a charity that distributes monies from the Landfill Communities Fund.
The project is a collaboration with the Hawk and Owl Trust, a national charity dedicated to conserving wild birds of prey and owls and their habitats.