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Wildlife to See This Month


Yellowhammer180Chris Chappell explains how to tell your warblers and your chats apart and reveals the delights of the Somerset countryside in Spring.

Dunnock 180All change for a new season. Chris Chappell looks ahead to less wintry days when everything is on the move.

Great Tit 180Get yourselves ready, says Chris Chappell, for the bitterns at Westhay Moor and get those nestboxes cleaned and ready for their new owners. 

Hawfinch 180Search the yew trees in your churchyard, says Chris Chappell for the chance of seeing a Hawfinch.

Blue TitEven your garden has wildlife opportunities this month says Chris Chappell

Lapwing 180Even if it's bleak and chilly, take a picnic and get out there, says Chris Chappell.

Heron 180Chris Chappell advises us to look ourt for arrivals, admire spiders and clean the feeders.


Whinchat 180Autumn walks offer a profusion of species to enjoy says Chris Chappell.


Purple Nightshade"It is a very good time to take some shots of the plants and insects that you are unfamiliar with, and identify them later," says Chris Chappell.


Untitled design (84)"Another changeable summer has been challenging for breeding birds, and led to rather unpredictable appearances by our butterflies".