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Mendip Bat Survey

 26th Aug 2011

greater horseshoe batIn the end 52 volunteers took part in the Mendip bat survey, including quite a few local people who were new to the survey this year, which was nice. This has been the fifth year of survey, which means we have quite a good run of data.  Everyone seemed to have had a good night. Several groups reported they had heard good numbers of bats despite the slight dip in temperature (the team who survey Chancellors Farm thought it may have been the best year for bat call numbers since they had started).

New transect, new bat?

A new transect was walked this year, Harridge wood, lead by Adel Avery. She had mentioned that they had heard several Lesser Horseshoes, and on the last stop, there was some debate about whether they might have heard a Leislers! (very rare in Somerset). However, all will be revealed in the bat call analysis, which should be ready early thanks to various dedicated members of the Somerset Bat Group. Helen and Edward Wells, who were on the Ubley Warren and Black Moor transect, reported hearing a particularly large number of Serotine calls.

We are very grateful to the various members of the SBG who lead many of the transects and put in a significant amount of time analysing the sonograms, as well as to all those who took part. We hope to run another Mendip bat survey next year, though this may be dependent on funding!

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