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Adopt a Dormouse for £20


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Dormice are one of the UK’s rarest and most secretive mammals but our nature reserves provide a safe place for these sleepy little creatures.

Each adoption gift includes an information sheet and glossy photo of a dormouse, along with your choice of greetings card. We can even send it direct to your recipient if you prefer.

Help us protect these vulnerable animals through the traditional management of local woodlands, hazel coppicing, and by putting up dormouse boxes for nesting and surveys.

Your gift will help us protect vulnerable wildlife and preserve wild places in Somerset.

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Select one card appropriate to the celebration you are buying the gift for, and advise us of your choice below.


Birthday Card for Gift Adoptions (© Guy Edwardes Photography)
Birthday Card

Blank Card for Gift Adoptions (© Guy Edwardes Photography)
Blank Card

If you want us to send your gift direct to your recipient we can include a handwritten message in the card for you. Simply advise us of the delivery address, and let us know what you want to say by replying to the confirmation email we send you. 

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer, the value of your donation can be increased by 25% at no extra cost to you. Tick the box below and for every £1 you give, Somerset Wildlife Trust can claim back an extra 25p from the Inland Revenue.

I wish Somerset Wildlife Trust (Charity No. 238372) to reclaim tax on all subscriptions and donations I have made in the last four years, and all I make hereafter*. I confirm that I pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax (excluding other taxes such as Council Tax and VAT) at least equal to the tax that will be reclaimed by charities (and Community Amateur Sports Clubs) on all of my donations and subscriptions in the tax year.

* Please remember to notify us if you become a non-taxpayer in the future.

Adopt a Dormouse (© Cath Sheswell)

With the right land management all of the species available to adopt will continue to thrive within Somerset. To make best use of your donation we will spend it on the wildlife most in need of support at the time it is received.

Gifts are also available to buy by calling the Trust on 01823-652400.

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