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Bird watchers at Westhay by Lynne Newton www.foxybiddy.comTogether with local people and landowners, Somerset Wildlife Trust is creating a place where wildlife thrives, business is profitable and people live happy and healthy lives. 

Here are some things you can do to help:

Visiting our top two reserves in the Brue Valley

At Westhay Moor you can experience the local landscape as it was when the first settlers, Neolithic farmers, made the marshes home. It is a home for rare wildlife and provides a unique insight into 6,000 years of shifting landscapes. In the summer metallic dragon and damsel flies glisten in the reeds and exotic carnivorous sundew plants spread across the lush wetlands. Lucky visitors in spring may hear the booming call of the rare bittern. If you’re up early enough you may even catch a glimpse of an otter family travelling the waterways that criss-cross the marshes.

At Catcott Lows you can enjoy stunning views across the lakes and marshes to Somerset’s iconic Glastonbury Tor. It is one of the lowest parts of the Brue Valley and our careful management of water on the reserve means it is thriving with bird life. See large flocks of wintering birds that come to Catcott from as far away as Siberia. In spring keep your eyes to the sky for marsh harriers hunting overhead. In summer the hayfields and watercourses are alive with colourful wildflowers.

There are lots of local events you can go along to throughout the county too.


Bird watchers at Westhay by Lynne Newton copyright SWT