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Biodiversity Day for Somerset

 17th Aug 2010

Biodiversity day 2010 4This year, 2010, is International Year of Biodiversity, and as part of this celebration, the Somerset Biodiversity Partnership has held it’s first Biodiversity Forum event entitled Post 2010 - What next for Biodiversity in Somerset?

A perfect backdrop

 The beautiful setting of Fyne Court, a National Trust property on the Quantock Hills, provided the perfect backdrop for the days talks and discussions. It was the ideal place for an afternoon of speed “BioBlitz” wildlife recording of the grounds

A forum for ideas

The day brought together professionals, wildlife experts and volunteers active in nature conservation and provided a forum for their ideas on where to concentrate efforts to achieve a secure future for Somerset’s wildlife.  The workshop outputs will inform the next review of the Somerset Local Biodiversity Action Plans.  Displays were on show to outline the diverse range views, progress and ideas that this event had brought together. This poster summarises some of the activities of the Somerset Biodiversity Partnership. The event also saw the launch of a new colourful leaflet which explains the concept of biodiversity and the activities of the Partnership in plain English. Further copies are available from Ali Slade.


Alison Slade, Somerset’s Biodiversity Partnership Officer said:

Biodiversity day 2010 5“Bringing together people with many different perspectives, opinions and questions but with one common goal, this event, and others like it, is undoubtedly important in forming a cohesive long term action plan with widespread support”.

Biodiversity day 2010 6Chair of the Somerset Biodiversity Partnership, Natural England’s Barry Philips said:
“This is an exciting time for plans to join up wildlife sites across large areas of Somerset’s landscape. This requires partnership working on a grand scale and events such as the one today are a step towards this.”


Biodiversity day 2010 1

Event funded by Wessex Water’s Partners Programme.