Adapting the Levels

Adapting the Levels

Working together now to adapt naturally to the climate of the future

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Sunrise from Burrow Mump, Somerset Levels - Guy Edwardes/2020VISION

Adapting the Levels

Somerset’s long coast and large areas of low-laying land make it one of the UK’s most climate vulnerable areas, facing significant risks from sea level rise, river flooding and drought.

Adapting The Levels is a partnership project dedicated to bring together and empower those who live and work on the Somerset Levels - from farmers landowners, councils and communities - to take positive action for climate adaptation, and ultimately to develop a co-created suite of adaptation options, tailored to the needs of Somerset’s communities and landscapes.

Somerset Trails

Try our NEW Somerset Trails app!

Get walking and talking about climate change with an exciting new mobile app called Somerset Trails. The app, which is FREE to download, has been cleverly designed to explore the impacts of climate change and bring to life the different ways nature can help Somerset adapt to climate change. 

The first trail to be launched begins in the centre of Wedmore, taking in breathtaking views across the Somerset Levels. 

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Introducing our Adaptation Pathways Tool

Adapting the Levels is extremely excited to launch a unique and pioneering new web-based app which will enable communities to co-create plans to prepare and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

The new Adaptation Pathway app, which focuses particularly on the challenges of flooding and drought on the Somerset Levels, has turned a proven technique which is being employed around the globe to plan for climate change, into an interactive tool which can help scenario plan for the future, supporting people to be more proactive in finding solutions to climate challenges.

The 'adaptation pathway’ technique is a simple way of looking at complex, interconnected issues, to see how different options and actions interact together given certain scenarios. The user-friendly website has launched with a number of pathways created for variety of climate scenarios such as those in the home and garden, surface flooding in local villages, and on agricultural land. Users of the web app can input their ideas and thoughts, and also see how actions can directly and positively impact to those scenarios. 

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Read our new report

A new report, produced by the Adapting the Levels project, has revealed that communities on the Somerset Levels are united in their desire for increased action on climate adaptation. The report follows a number of well attended public drop-ins, and workshops with local Parish, District and County Councillors and explores local people's ideas for managing the increased risks of flooding and drought brought by climate change.

Adapting the Levels report cover

Adapting the Levels

Read our new report

This new report explores local people's ideas for managing the increased risks of flooding and drought brought by climate change.

Read it here

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Adapting the Levels team

Adapting the Levels team - Rose Atkinson

The Somerset Levels are an ever-changing, largely man-made landscape, and what we see today is a snapshot in its long history. Over the millennia, from primitive times, those who have lived in this unique place, who know how to read its nature and who respect, understand and deeply value it, have learnt how to live alongside the challenges that come with calling this landscape home. The changing climate now requires these same people of the Somerset Levels to adapt again in order to create a new vision for a climate resilient future.
Anne Maw
Lord-Lieutenant for Somerset
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