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  1. Enjoy Your Visit


Gran and Grandson walking had in handSome of the paths on some of our nature reserves can be muddy, rough and slippery at times and low lying sites can be flooded in times of heavy rainfall. We will issue alerts if any nature reserve is impassable, but please contact us on 01823 652400 or email if you are unsure, and before starting out on your journey. Please wear appropriate clothing suitable for bad weather and wet/rough ground.

Our nature reserves are special, wild places that are often remote from human habitation, do not have easy access and have challenging terrain. We try to ensure that risks to visitors are kept to a minimum, however there are hazards on our nature reserves that are not always obvious, for example sudden drops. On our busier nature reserves, we highlight any hazards on our interpretation panels, but smaller nature reserves do not usually have any information or interpretation on site.

We would really like you to enjoy your visit, so please be mindful of the likely hazards. Take a look at our reserves here. 


  1. Adhere to the Canine Code

Please take a look at our guidance for dog walkers here, which provides information on where dogs are and are not allowed to go on our reserves, in order to ensure all visitors have an enjoyable experience when visiting our reserves and wildlife is kept protected. 


  1. Other Useful Information

  • Plan how to get there - some reserves have grid references only as the Sat Nav won't always get you exactly there. However to find the closest postcode to our reserves, please use a Grid Reference Finder, like the one here
  • Check out location - not all of our reserves have car parks, so take a look at the location before you set off to find somewhere you can park. Wherever you park, please remember not to leave any valuables in your car
  • Check the weather forecast - before leaving make sure you are prepared for all weathers, and take suitable clothing and footwear. If it's hot, please take water, a sunhat and suncream, as some areas of the reserves are not sheltered or shaded. 
  • Be aware of your local facilities - there are no toilet facilities on our reserves
  • Check you signal - know the nearest place where you can get signal, as mobile reception in many places can be poor
  • Contact us - if you come across any problems on our reserves, such as any damage to the reserve, suspicious behaviour ect, please get in touch with us at 01823 652400. Secondly, if you come across an injured animal please call a wildlife rescue charity such as Secret World or the RSPCA
  • Be Aware - unfortunately thieves operate everywhere, so we would like to remind visitors not to leave valuables in their cars when visiting 
  • Make the most of your trip - don't forget to take your binoculars, and a species identification book, to make sure you don't miss a moment. 
Is it your first time at one of our reserves? Take a look at our tips here 


We hope you enjoy your visit!


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