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North Taunton Art Trail

SAW and SWT Photo Jon England bWildlife images can be found on walls around North Taunton aimed at inspiring and exciting people about nature in the town. The artworks were created by Louis Masai who appeared on BBC Two’s Springwatch, to draw attention to some of Taunton’s most important species.

Louis Map

Louis explores the concept of human as animal through the painting of anthropomorphized creatures ­ adorning
them with the sentiments, attributes and paraphernalia of the modern world. “Working with the Somerset Wildlife
Trust, and Somerset Art Works is a wonderful partnership that united my creative environmental awareness and the Trust’s concerns for local wildlife.

Working through the Our Place project, and in partnership with SWT, SAW has commissioned artists who will engage
local communities in creative projects, events and activities, to explore nature, appreciate wildlife, and for health and wellbeing.
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