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Exmoor shore

Somerset’s finest rockpools

Somerset’s westerly rocky shores lie below the mighty Exmoor cliffs. Hard to get to, with few paths down the steep cliffs, and a very real danger of being cut off by high tides that wash right up to the base of the cliffs, this is not an easy place to look for marine life.

Strawberry Anemone at Porlock Weir by Nigel Phillips

Strawberry anemone

Careful searching here will reveal three types of sea anemone Beadlet, Strawberry and Snakelocks. Edible crabs and Velvet Swimming crabs can also be found and are fairly easy to see but Broad Clawed Porcelain and Long Clawed Porcelain crabs are only thumbnail sized and spend most of their lives hidden under rocks. The most likely small fish that you will find in these rockpools will be Painted Gobies and Shanies and also lots of Shrimps.

Snakelocks Anemone 044-002 n phillips

Snakelocks anemone

Young Edible Crab 089 n phillips

A young edible crab 

Photos © Nigel Phillips