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Secondary and Colleges

Our nature reserves provide the ideal place to carry out fieldwork for Geography and Biology/Science GCSE and A Level coursework or for cross curricular enrichment days.

During 2016 we are in the process of reviewing the way the Trust offers its Schools Visits Programme (where schools can book in a visit or plan an certain activity on our ‘menu’ to suit their needs).  This means that temporarily we will be unable to offer this programme to schools. We hope that this will change in the near future, so please keep checking back to this page.

As usual though we will continue to run a number of Key Stage linked educational activities and events as part of our ongoing project work and within our broader events programme which will involve work with a number of schools within the county.


Geography really comes to life when you take students out of the classroom and provide them with direct experiences. 

Our Geography programme helps you develop your students' investigative skills, understanding of others' viewpoints, to take responsibility for their own learning and is fun.

Secondary 3

Geography skills

Learn how to use basic geography skills to navigate around the nature reserve. Follow a trail using a map and compass and work as a team to find hidden geocaches using a GPS unit. Duration 2.5hrs

River Tone


Investigate how river processes and features change downstream. Students will identify key features, make sketches, carry out simple measurements of flow, depth and width, sediment size and sinuosity.  Duration 2.5hrs.

catcott sml

Land use and visitor impact

Use geography field work techniques to investigate the positive and negative impacts that visitors have on nature reserves. Learn about the different users of the Avalon Marshes and conflict that may arise. Duration 2.5hrs 


Biology/ Science

Students really appreciate the natural world best through hands on experiences and we have some stunning nature reserves for students to get to grips with ecology.

Our Bioscience programmes enable students to develop their  practical and experimental skills. Students develop investigative skills, gain direct experience and take responsibility for their learning in a fun, safe environment away from the classroom.


Secondary School Groups

Fieldwork Techniques

Learn how to investigate different habitats using a range of fieldwork techniques including choosing the appropriate quadrat size, choosing an appropriate recording method / abundance scale and understanding a range of techniques for taking samples. Duration: 2.5hrs 


Individual Investigations

Use our nature reserves to complete the coursework required for Edexcel A level Biology individual investigations. This could be combined with the half day of Fieldwork Techniques.


Enrichment, gifted & talented, extra /cross curricular activities

We offer a range of activities tailored to meet your requirements. This can include a combined day of science/geography with practical conservation work.


Young Wardens

Education Projects by adrian If you are aged between 12 and 18 and love nature, why not get involved with the Avalon Marshes Young Warden group? The Avalon Marshes Young Wardens provides opportunities for interested young people to take part in practical conservation, ecology, biological recording and other environmental studies in and around the Avalon Marshes. To find out more visit our events page or contact Julie Merrett on

Our Sites

Our sessions are delivered on our nature reserves across the county. These range from woodlands to wetlands and provide fantastic places for children to discover and explore the natural world. To see a map of the nature reserves and find one close to you, click here.

We aim to be as flexible as possible so if you would like a visit to a different site or covering a different topic from those listed above, please get in touch and we will do our best to plan a session around your requirements. 

We also lead session at Fyne Court on behalf of the National Trust and Hestercombe Gardens. If you are interested in a visit to Fyne Court, please contact us, if you are interested in a visit to Hestercombe Gardens please contact them direct by visiting Hestercombe Gardens website.

Visit our nature reserve page

Our Charges

Our sessions last approximately half a day but can be combined together to form a whole day visit if required. Sessions are charged per half day (approx 2.5 hours), based on a class of 30 children. If you would like a shorter or longer session or a visit with more than one class, we are able to help. Please contact us for more information.

Half day session (2.5 hrs) to Somerset Wildlife Trust site      


Half day session (2.5 hrs) to Fyne Court


Visit to Westhay Moor, Ubley Warren or Black Rock



Free Opportunities

Thanks to funding through Natural England, we can offer free visits to a 3 of our wonderful nature reserve, Black Rock, Westhay Moor and Ubley Warren.

We can also offer free visits to a number of Orchard sites in South Somerset and Sedgemoor, funded through Somerset County Council. Find out more about the orchard visits here

All these visits are limited in number so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.