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Permit only/restricted access reserves

Where nature reserves are permit only or restricted access/by appointment only, this is usually due to the fragile or sensitive nature of the site. If you are keen to visit and/or undertake scientific study on these sites, we would welcome you to contact us to discuss it further.

Permits may be requested by filling in this online form or contacting the Trust on 01823 652400 or

Permit only

Burtle Moor
37 acres (15 ha.)
Grazing marsh with remnant mire vegetation, breeding and wintering wading birds.

Cheddar Wood
155 acres (68.2 ha.)
Ancient semi natural woodland, with abundant leaved lime.

Chilton Moor
47 acres (19 ha.)
Four blocks of grazing marsh.

2 acres (0.8 ha.)
Calcareous grassland and woodland.

Horsehill Coppice
13.6 acres (5.5 ha.)
Ancient semi natural woodland.

King’s Hill Gully
3.5 acres (1.4 ha.)
Ancient semi natural woodland.

Payton Marsh
5 acres (2 ha.)
Wet meadow and valley fen.

Tealham Moor
110.7 acres (44.8 ha.)
Seven blocks of grazing marsh, with breeding and wintering wading birds.

Westhay Heath (Somerset Levels)
ST 416 420. 15 acres (6.1 ha.)
Peat excavations, reed bed and scrub.

Restricted access

Sites available to visit by appointment only - please contact us on 01823 652400 or

Chancellors Farm
76.5 acres (34.8 ha.)
In addition to being run as a working farm, complete with native breeds of grazing cattle, the site is a haven for wildlife and the wildflower meadows are traditionally managed.

Yoxter Ranges
568 acres (230 ha.)
Leased off Wessex Reserve Forces and Cadets Association, Yoxter Range is largely unimproved neutral/acid grassland and acid heath. It has a live firing range and is used as a training area for cadets.

Sharpham Moor (Somerset Levels, near Street)
ST 465 389. 1.4 acres (0.6 ha.)
Damp carr woodland with clearings surrounded by peat diggings.