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Please help us secure a healthy future for our Nature Reserves

Our nature reserves are more important than ever due to the depletion of our meadows, hedgerows and ancient woodland, resulting from many pressures our wonderful county is under. This is not just changing the biodiversity of our precious countryside, it is also causing a dramatic reduction in the bioabundance – the sheer number of our smaller species, which serve as critical food sources further up the food chain.

Each of our nature reserves is a community of species which rely on each other to thrive.

Our bigger successes, like reversing the fortunes of creatures like Barn Owls and Bittern, are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the species challenges ahead. The future of Somerset’s wildlife relies on the continuous and collective abundance of many smaller, and often less visible species, which each play a vital role in any healthy ecosystem. It is only by continuing to manage our nature reserves with these ‘unsung heroes’ in mind too that our reserves will be the truly species-rich habitats that are important to us all.

It is often the simple tasks such as regularly cutting back invasive scrub on our nature reserves like Cook’s Field and Green Down, which allows insects and spiders to breed and expand their populations, and become the widespread vital food source needed for other wildlife to thrive.

The financial cost of maintaining the right balance is high. Our reserves team and the many volunteers who help them need the right equipment and resources to complete their intensive, year-round work programmes. We need continued funds to ensure that we keep our natural systems strong.

Please take a look at the slideshow below, which highlights the work we do to ensure that these unsung heroes are given safe homes and are able to keep their populations strong.

With uncertain times ahead in terms of funding for conservation in Britain, we really do depend on your generosity to look after Somerset’s unsung wildlife heroes on our nature reserves. 

Any gift you can give to The Somerset Nature Reserves Fund will go directly to wherever the need is greatest on our nature reserves, ensuring that they are kept in the best possible condition to support wildlife, large and small, and our conservation goals. Please help us if you can by clicking on the Donate button below.

You can also donate securely by card by telephoning 01823 652429. Every donation, whatever the size, will make a difference. Thank you so much for your continuing support.


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Thank you so much for your continuing support.


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