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Please help us now to maximise our productivity throughout the year to ensure that our wildlife is given our protection at times when it is either most at risk, or in greatest need.

Our reserves cover over 1,700 hectares and comprise an enormous range of very different habitats, which support equally diverse populations of wonderful species. Our reserves managers, assistants and trainees, helped by many dedicated volunteers, work year round on practical conservation tasks and species monitoring to ensure these special places remain.

We manage internationally renowned wetlands, ancient woodland, species rich grassland, and magnificent meadows - each requiring tailor-made conservation programmes that not only protect the unique, biodiversity of these habitats, but also deliver added resilience from increasing threats such as climate change, development and intensive farming practices.  All of these wild places are enjoyed by not only our members, but by thousands of people all year round.

We need your help now to prepare for the entirely unexpected.

While we plan as best we can to enhance the baseline resilience of our reserves, we also need to be ready for the unexpected but have very limited funds at present to do so.  The Somerset Nature Reserves Fund will enable us to respond quicker to events that threaten the health of our reserves and the wildllife that call them home, and empower us to deliver immediate, on the ground solutions to protect habitats and wildlife as much as possible. 

Please take a look at the video below, which highlights the impact that seasonal work has on the health of our local wildlife, and where you can find more information about why we need your help again to secure habitats through uncertain times.


Did you know that our nature reserves cost us nearly £2,000 to maintain every day?

It takes an incredible amount of planning and resource to sustain the basic health of these special places, and as the seasons change we must continually adjust and fine-tune our work and habitat programmes; such as grazing management This needs to be done inline with variable weather conditions throughout the year. The failure to provide suitable breeding or feeding species habitat at certain times can potentially have irreversible consequences for certain species for the following year.

It’s critical that our reserves team and volunteers have the necessary equipment and resource to complete high intensive work programmes in one season, in order to realise the benefits for wildlife in the next - the most obvious of these being during peak breeding or feeding times of the year.  You can read more about the importance of forward planning across the year and the seasonal nature of our reserve work by dowloading the leaflet that can found to the left of this page. 

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