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Toad PatrolsToad patrol

February is the month that toads begin their migration to their breeding pools. During this time many get killed on the roads and a number of toad patrols have been set up to help the animals get across roads safely.

Unfortunately these schemes often rely on one individuals' enthusiasm and many are short lived. There are currently about a dozen sites across the county where patrols are inactive and a handful that are active. If you would like to volunteer to join a toad patrol this spring please contact me on  to find out whether there is one operating close to where you live.

Alternatively if you feel that you could commit the time to reactivate a previous patrol, or start one at a site you have identified, RAGS may be able to provide some support. Please get involved if you can, this is one activity that contributes directly to the conservation of one of our declining species as well as being fun to do.

John Dickson, Chairman