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Send Us Your Barn Owl Sightings

Please send in your sightings of barn owls and help us to monitor the numbers of barn owls in Somerset.

A grid reference is vital. You can easily pin point your sighting location using this website: Just "enter a place" that was near your sighting (box top left), pin point where you saw the barn owl and click on either map, then just read off the grid reference from the box (bottom right). All we need is the two letters, then 5 numbers, then other 5 numbers.

Sighting information
 E.g. Bagborough Wood, Quantocks. Please give as much detail as possible. 
 You can find a grid reference using this website: Format: ST 111 222 or ST 11111 22222 (6 or 10 figures are great) 
 Format: 01/03/2012 
 E.g. Flying over/foraging 
Your details
 Just in case we have a query about your sighting 
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Your sightings with be passed to Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC), the part of Somerset Wildlife Trust, that collects data on species and habitats across Somerset.

In sending this record to SERC I give consent to SERC to incorporate my record into a database and to supply a copy of it to third parties within SERC's normal policies and procedures. Your contact details will NOT be passed to any third party ­ ONLY the record.

I confirm that I am content for SERC to store my contact details on a database in conformity with the Data Protection Act, 1998.

When you have completed the form, please click the Send Details button ONCE to send


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The Somerset Community Barn Owl Project is funded by Viridor Credits Environmental Company; a charity that distributes monies from the Landfill Communities Fund.
The project is a collaboration with the Hawk and Owl Trust, a national charity dedicated to conserving wild birds of prey and owls and their habitats.