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Quants and Ruggin WildWalk

Length ­ 1.5 miles

Key species ­ Woodland birds,
grassland wildfowers and some of our rarest butterflies  Be aware ­ There is extensive grazing along parts of this route using long-horn cattle; however despite their appearance they tend to be quite docile.WildWalks - Quants

1. From the car park enter the Forestry Commission land at Buckland Wood and head downhill towards the fenced enclosure, which is present to help manage grazing on this area which is cleared conifer plantation.

2. Enter the enclosure over the stile and head towards the dam foundations

3. Head left along the dam foundations and make your way uphill towards the bridleway

4. At the bridleway head right before entering our reserve at Ruggin.

5. Enjoy the diverse habitats within Ruggin as you pass through ancient woodland and out into species rich meadows before heading back up towards the bridleway.

6. Take a left along the bridleway and follow this for about ½ mile which will bring you to the entrance of Quants

7. Explore the mosaic of relic heathy grassland, and ancient and secondary woodland within Quants before returning to the car park.

A downloadable leaflet of this walk is available here

Please note that the Merry harriers Pub mentioned in the guide is not open currently. Parking as well as food and drink will not be available there.

To submit your wildlife sightings register on WildWalks and then follow this link Quants WildWalk

WildWalks has been developed through the LivingMap project, established by The Wildlife Trusts in partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology, as an online wildlife recording tool. We want to encourage the public, whether expert recorders or those with less expertise, to get out and explore our Living Landscapes in an effort to help us map nature as it changes.