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Open your garden for charity

wildlife garden by adam cormack Could you open your garden for a morning or afternoon this year in support of your local Wildlife Trust and let others be inspired by your corner of wildlife heaven?

Somerset Wildlife Trust are actively looking for people who have a garden rich in wildlife and are keen to share their gardens and their wildlife with friends, family and neighbours.

Could you host a garden tea party for your friends, a teddy bear’s picnic for your children’s nursery or an open garden for neighbours?   It doesn’t matter what you do as long as the people you invite, or who come, get to enjoy your garden and understand a little more of the ways in which you encourage in the local wildlife.

'Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I remember;' Chinese proberb

We all love looking around other people’s garden and there is nothing like seeing a living, breathing garden, humming with wildlife to provide some ideas and inspiration for our own back yards.  You also get the added satisfaction that the money raised by you will be used to make a difference to the wildlife across Somerset.

How could you raise some money?

Think about how you might raise some money from those that come, you could charge people a small entrance fee to come in, ask for donations, provide a plant sales table for your excess plants or charge for refreshments. 

And remember, your garden does not need to resemble Heligan or Barrington Court, there is joy to be found in the smallest of nooks and if you are passionate about what you do it will transmit to others.

Top ten tips to open your garden

Ann and Norman Lees who are old hands at opening their own garden in support of SWT have put together some top ten tips and these have been tried and tested over the years through flood, drought and very large numbers of visitors!  We hope they provide a stimulus to think through some of the logistics of a gathering in your garden. Read Anne and Norman's advice sheet.

Please get in touch

For more information or to let us know about your very own Wildlife Garden gathering contact Janet Keeble on or telephone 01823 652439.  We have wildlife gardening information to give away to those that come and can help you promote your opening (if you so wish) locally. 

"Wildlife gardening is not just valuable for nature - it's also great fun and incredibly fulfilling too. Square metre for square metre, Britain's gardens boast more biodiversity than any other habitat on the planet. So make your garden wildlife-friendly and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours!" Stephen Moss, Trust Vice President


 Wildlife garden © Adam Cormack