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Open Gardens

The popularity of open gardens has open gardenincreased hugely in recent years, with events and garden directories springing up all over the UK, and many people choosing to open their garden for charity. Visitors have the chance to see and appreciate green spaces not normally available to them, while the owner of the open garden can show off their hard work and share their passion for horticulture with like-minded individuals.

As gardening to attract wildlife or gardening in a more wildlife-friendly way becomes more popular, the Trust needs its green-fingered members to step forward and open their gardens. We want to show that you can have an enjoyable and attractive space that is still friendly towards wildlife, as well as inspiring others to garden with wildlife in mind.

Open your garden

Please consider opening your garden and donating the proceeds to the Trust to help towards ensuring the future of wildlife in the county. Other fundraising options could include holding a tea party or selling refreshments or plants - it's up to you.

The Trust has produced an Open Gardens Guide, which you can download to aid you with your planning. If you are opening your garden on behalf of the Trust in 2015, please email to let us know the details, including dates and times, and we may be able to help publicise your event.

Things to consider

Anne and Norman Lees, who are old hands at opening their own garden in support of the Trust, have put together their Top Ten Tips which have been tried and tested over the years through flood, drought and very large numbers of visitors! We hope they provide a stimulus to think through some of the logistics of a gathering in your garden.

Download our Open Gardens Guide and Anne and Norman's Top Ten Tips.


Garden pond © Tom Marshall