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If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us at fundraising@somersetwildlife.org or call 01823 652 429 and ask to speak to Kate our Community Fundraising Manager.

What is Look Sharp for Hedgehogs?

On Friday 4th December (or a date to suit you), Somerset Wildlife Trust are asking as many people as possible across Somerset and beyond to delve into the depths of their wardrobes and wear something smart whilst donating to Look Sharp for Hedgehogs! Funds raised will help make Somerset a better place for hedgehogs and all the other wildlife that call this county home.

When is it?

Look Sharp for Hedgehogs is on the first Friday in December. This year that’s Friday 4th December 2020. Or, if you’d prefer to do it on another day, that’s ok too.

Can I do it on another day?

Yes! You can choose a date to suit you if you can’t join everyone else on Friday 4th December.

Can I do it at work?

Yes! We’d love you Look Sharp for Hedgehogs at work and get all your colleagues involved too! Our fundraising pack is full of ideas on how to make the most of your Look Sharp for Hedgehogs day at work, whether you’re in an office, in the field or working remotely.

Can I take part if I’m working remotely?

Yes! You can Look Sharp for Hedgehogs anywhere, and most of the activities in the fundraising pack can be done remotely, over Zoom or other virtual meeting space. 

Can I do it at home with friends and family?

Yes! The more the merrier – spread the word far and wide and invite as many people as you can! People can take part as a family, or as individuals from the comfort of their own homes. You could get your friends and family for a Zoom call to take part in the activities together or play games like Pin the nose on David Hasselhog as a family.

Can I do it on my own?

Absolutely! Whether you’re out walking the dog, nipping out to the shops, or staying in, you can take part wherever you are. Getting suited and booted or dolled up in a dress is a brilliant talking point and a great way to encourage others to Look Sharp for Hedgehogs too. It's just as good to stay in, even if you're tidying in your tux, cooking in a cocktail dress or cosying up in front of the fire in your finest, it's the perfect excuse to dig out something dapper.

How do I sign up?

Register to take part here >

If you’re having problems with the form, please contact us on fundraising@somersetwildlife.org or call Kate, our Community Fundraising Manager on 01823 652 400.

Do I have to buy something new?

Absolutely not. This is all about delving into the depths of your wardrobe to pull out those clothes that you’ve been needing an excuse to wear.

Why do hedgehogs need our help?

Hedgehogs have declined by at least 46% in 13 years* – they are now vulnerable to extinction in Great Britain**.

Hedgehogs are classified as Vulnerable to extinction on Great Britain’s Red List for mammals due to long-term declines, particularly in rural areas. 

Threats to hedgehogs***

Hedgehogs face different pressures in countryside and urban areas. Threats include:

Rural hedgehogs:
- Pesticides reducing the food hedgehogs eat
- Decline in hedgerows making it difficult for hedgehogs to travel  
- Hedge flailing leads to poor nesting sites

Urban hedgehogs:
- garden fencing and walls limits the areas hedgehogs can travel 
- foraging areas reduced by increasing car parking and decking in private gardens
- busy roads causes hedgehog mortalities and alter where hedgehogs travel
- new developments usually lack connectivity between gardens
- reduction in hibernation habitats, typically scrubby or brambly areas
- pesticides and slug pellets can poison animals and kills the invertebrates that hedgehogs eat

State of British Hedgehogs 2018 > 
* MammalSociety.org >
** State of Nature 2019 >
*** HedgehogStreet.org > 

How can I help hedgehogs in my garden?

To save the hedgehog, we need people to work together with neighbours to make small changes that will make a big difference. This is crucial because no garden or green space can help hedgehogs in isolation, but when they are linked together, hedgehogs can thrive in any location.

There are some simple steps everyone can take together from creating a hedgehog hole and building a hedgehog home to learning about what to feed them.

Find out more >

How will the money I raise help?

The money you raise will help Somerset Wildlife Trust make Somerset a better place for hedgehogs and all the other wildlife that call this county home.

Somerset Wildlife Trust is:

- increasing habitat connectivity across the county

- increasing wildlife's resilience to current and future pressures

- working to influence Somerset's policy-making and planning decisions which affect the county's wildlife and wider environment

- engaging people and communities to value and take action to protect wildlife

- allowing nature to recover in our nature reserves and beyond

How can I raise funds?

You can donate to take part, and create a fundraising page to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to donate to take part too. You can set up your page on Just Giving in a few simple steps by clicking below and selecting “Start fundraising”. 

Set up your fundraising page

We have lots of fundraising ideas and activities in our Look Sharp for Hedgehogs Fundraising pack! Download yours, and lots of other resources including posters, activity sheets and games.

Download your fundraising pack

How do I set up my fundraising page?

You can set up your fundraising page in a few simply steps on Just Giving. Click below, select “Start fundraising”, and Just Giving will guide you through how to set up your page. 

Set up your fundraising page 


Where can I get my fundraising pack?

Your fundraising pack, and lots of other downloadable resources including posters, activity sheets and games, can be downloaded by clicking below.

Download your resources

Can I have some posters?

We have a selection of posters to help you promote Look Sharp for Hedgehogs, as well as template posters to promote your own individual activity. 

Download your posters

How can I pay in offline funds?

Once your fun and festivities are over, it’s time to transfer any offline donations to Somerset Wildlife Trust. There are three easy ways to do this:

1. JustGiving: Bank the funds raised and make a donation directly to your Look Sharp for Hedgehogs fundraising page. 

Pay in via JustGiving

2. Card: To pay by card via the Somerset Wildlife Trust website, click below and and select “Look Sharp for Hedgehogs” from the drop-down menu. 

Pay by card via the Somerset Wildlife Trust website

3. Cheque: Make your cheque payable to Somerset Wildlife Trust and post it to the address below, along with our Hedge(hog) Fund transfer form. 

Look Sharp for Hedgehogs
Somerset Wildlife Trust
34 Wellington Road

Download your Hedge(hog) Fund transfer form


Thank you!