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Inspirational Stag Beetle!

When wildlife loving nine year old, Charlie Millard, heard about our "Save the Somerset Levels" appeal it didn't take him long to come up with a plan for fundraising.

Charlie, who is passionate about wildlife and the environment, was soon dreaming up an unusual idea to help the wildlife near his Taunton home. With the help of his family Charlie walked six miles (mostly in the pouring rain) to raise money for the Save the Somerset Levels Appeal, and if that wasn't enough he was dressed as a stag beetle for the entire walk!

As Charlie says on his fundraising page "...I really wanted to do something to help Somerset become one of the most wildlife rich places in the UK".

You can see a fantastic video below of Charlie's walk through Black Rock, Thurlbear Woods, Long Wood, and Velvet Bottom nature reserves - and his triumphant finish!

Please click on the following link to donate to Charlie's fundraising page. He has inspired us all. Thank you Charlie.