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A Gift in Memory

robin by ben simmondsAn in memoriam gift is a donation made after an individual has passed away; this could be a specific sum given by their heirs or a collection in lieu of flowers at their funeral. The gift provides a living memorial to your loved one, as well as being a true gift to nature - for now and for the future.

Gifts of any size will help to ensure that Somerset’s nature reserves continue to thrive for the species who call them home, while sustaining the natural beauty and diverse environment of the county, which is enjoyed by so many.

Theresa ‘Terry’ Abbey’s family honoured their mother’s memory and love of wildlife by arranging a collection at her funeral service. Terry’s daughter Emily said, “We chose to give donations to Somerset Wildlife Trust because Mum was a loyal member. It just felt it would have been what she’d have wanted. Every time we see a robin, a bumblebee or a beautiful flower, it reminds us of Mum.”

If you would like to make a gift in memory, please get in touch by emailing Katie arber at or call her on 01823 652400.


Robin © Ben Simmonds