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Children helping with ground clearance at Westhay Nature Reserve - Paul Harris/2020VISION

Environmental education

In order to achieve our conservation ambitions we believe that environmental education is fundamental. If people have no knowledge and understanding of the natural world, and importantly have no direct experience of it, then they will not care about it and will not adopt the pro-environmental attitudes, values and behaviours that as a society we all need to embrace if we are to fully conserve and restore our habitats and species.

Working with people in their formative years, as children, can be highly effective. Not only can this result in conservation benefits, it can also aid personal, social, health and wellbeing development.

We feel very lucky to be part of this project. It makes such a difference. A lot of my students don’t really go out much!
Year 4 Teacher at participating school

What we're doing

Somerset Wildlife Trust aims reconnect the children of Glastonbury, Street and surrounding areas with their local natural environment through repeat, seasonal visits to our flagship nature reserves on the Somerset Levels, coupled with in-school sessions to embed nature in to their curriculum.

The children haven taken part in a range of activities and learning experiences including; dissecting owl pellets, learning about the water cycle and wetland management, conservation and environmental issues, practical skills, wildlife habitats and how animals adapt and evolve, the importance of peat, map reading skills, responsibility as global citizens, geocaching, bird watching, pond dipping and nature inspired art activities.

I could sit here all day! It’s so peaceful!
Year 4 student visiting Westhay Moor National Nature Reserve
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Girl looks through magnifying glass at log - Adrian Clarke

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Children doing river sampling - Ross Hoddinott

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Students - Terry Whittaker

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