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Explore Taunton

Somerset Wildlife Trust would like to encourage you to explore the town’s rich green spaces and unique waterways, to reconnect with the wildlife that lives there, to help to improve and protect these for generations to come. We are all happier and healthier when we connect with nature.
Please find below some great ways to get out there and be part of it in Taunton!



North Taunton Art Trail

Wildlife images have appeared on walls around North Taunton to inspire and excite people about nature in the town. The artworks, created by Louis Masai draw attention to some of Taunton’s most important species.

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River Tone Story Trail

Join Ollie the Otter and his friend as these characters guide you on an exploration of the river. Enjoy reading the story of Ollie the Otter and Vern the Water Vole as you discover the hidden waterways and green spaces of Taunton.

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History Trail

Enjoy the engaging story revealed by Francis Farr-Cox of the history of the river and how the people of Taunton’s lives have influenced and been interwoven with the river.

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History Trail

Geocaching Trail

Discover Taunton’s greenspaces through geocaching. Like an electronic treasure hunt geocaching is growing in popularity. Just download the app to your phone and head out for an adventure.

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