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Wilder Lives

Wilder Lives

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Wilder Lives

There are things we can change in our everyday lives that will - either directly or indirectly - have positive impacts on wildlife, from our recycling habits, to how we travel and what we buy. We can also decide to share our spaces with wildlife – whether you have a window box or a a small or large garden. There are so many ways we can make our homes and gardens more wild and wonderful.

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Every step we take matters. Small actions add up and can make a huge difference for wildlife. What follows is a list of ways you can get involved in taking action for nature. By doing any of the following activities, you're a part of Team Wilder.


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Together we can stand up for nature and give wildlife a voice. Click the button below to find out how you can join in and campaign for nature. 

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Wilder Wellbeing

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a healthy, wildlife-rich world and experience the joy of nature. Studies have shown that those who have the least access to nature also have the worst levels of physical health and mental wellbeing.  So we want more people to discover that daily contact with wildlife improves their mental health, and we want more people to care about and take action for wildlife as a result.

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Join over 18,000 members who have made supporting nature part of their everyday life.  Get involved in activities and events, visit wonderful nature reserves, and directly contribute to preserving Somerset’s natural spaces and safeguarding vulnerable wildlife across the county.

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