The Somerset Nature Reserves Fund

The Somerset Nature Reserve Fund

Can you help us secure a healthy future for our nature reserves?

Wild flower meadow - Paul Hobson

Our nature reserves are still counting on you - now more than ever.

The Somerset Nature Reserves Fund differs from our other fundraising appeals in that it is not for a specific conservation project but is a financial life support for the basic, ongoing running and general maintenance of all our reserves. Since we launched the Fund in 2016, it has raised an astonishing £125,000.

Every penny that YOU have donated has been put back into maintaining our nature reserves.

What will your donation do?

Volunteers planting a hedgerow


could buy a billhook for a volunteer to help us with hedgelaying
3 cows grazing or looking at the camera


could help buy 20m of fencing to enclose grazing cattle
Reserve staff thinning woodland using a chainsaw wearing personal protective equipment


could buy a set of personal protective equipment for a chainsaw operator

The outlook of our reserves is far from secure

Extremes of weather - torrential rain washing away pathways, and flash heatwaves causing water management issues are having huge unexpected impacts.

We are also facing the prospect of having to mitigate the extreme damage caused by Ash dieback.

The impending loss of EU agri-environment scheme funding is also of grave concern, given that this made up over 20% of our total Trust income last year. We could be faced with an enormous gap in our funds.

 a Bittern

WildNet - Jamie Hall

Thanks to your support we've achieved amazing things

Reserve management is challenging. In some cases, we don’t see the immediate impact of our efforts and we can’t always count physical changes across a landscape as a means to measure the outcome of our work programmes. You may even occasionally wonder what difference your kind contributions make.

But what we can count are the growing number of Bittern that boom on the Avalon Marshes, the Large Blue butterflies that emerge on Green Down and the number of Hazel Dormice that will soon be stirring on the Mendips.

Making your donation go further

You may have seen some of our teams working on our reserves, but did you realise that much of our day to day work is done by dedicated teams of volunteers, overseen by just eight permanent members of staff across the whole county.

Ensuring our staff and volunteers have the right equipment and training to develop their skills for the long-term benefit of the reserves is crucial. Your generosity so far has played an important part in doing that.

A donation today secures the future of our nature reserves tomorrow

We know that you value our nature reserves and, if you have given to the fund in one or every year,  we are so grateful for that support.  But we urgently need that support to continue.

Please consider making a donation to the Somerset Nature Reserves Fund 2019. Any gift you can give, large or small will go directly to wherever the need is greatest on our nature reserves across the county.

Thank you.

The Somerset Nature Reserve Fund

Can you help us secure a healthy future for our nature reserves?

Other ways to donate

With uncertain times ahead in terms of funding for conservation in Britain, we really do depend on your generosity to look after Somerset’s nature reserves. 
Any gift you can give to The Somerset Nature Reserves Fund will go directly to wherever the need is greatest on our nature reserves, ensuring that they are kept in the best possible condition to support wildlife, large and small, and our conservation goals. Please help us if you can.

You can also donate securely by card by telephoning 01823 652429.

Every donation, whatever the size, will make a difference.

Thank you so much for your continuing support.