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Thanks to our Supporters we raised nearly £30,000 in the Big Give

 6th Dec 2017

We almost can’t believe it! Thanks to the incredible generosity of over 375 donors, we have reached our Big Give Christmas Challenge target of £10,500 in just 7 days!  This means that this amazing amount of money that has been donated will now be matched by other third party pledgers which, including Gift Aid, means we will have just shy of £24,000 to invest in our wetland reserves.

In addition to this, we have also secured an additional £6,000 via other individual donors who were inspired by the project and wanted to help.  When combined, this amount really will make double the difference.  

Thanks to the donors who gave during the week of the Christmas Challenge, we can continue to invest in creating the very best habitats and feeding grounds for the thousands of overwintering birds that visit our Avalon Marshes reserves, and ensure that vulnerable populations of wading birds such as Snipe, Redshank and Lapwing have secure places where they can survive and thrive.

Somerset Wildlife Trust has worked for a number of years in the Avalon Marshes area, and its reserves there have become internationally renowned for their amazing wildlife and the incredible number and variety of wetland birds.  But what has been created there must be maintained, and this takes considerable funds.  Money raised by the Big Give Christmas Challenge will be spent on our Catcott Nature reserve and on several other smaller reserves that are really critical in terms of providing specific conditions for certain species whose populations are particularly important, such as Snipe.

Brian-Phipps Catcott3

With these additional funds we will be able to improve these sites considerably, and create the conditions that our wetland birds really enjoy.  We’ll be able to create ‘wet features’ like lovely muddy gutters, sloped ditch edges and shallow scrapes (large indentations in the ground) – all brilliant places for wading birds for example to find invertebrate food for themselves and for their chicks. And we’ll put these in places where people will be able to observe them from hides so people can enjoy them and understand why it is important to safeguard their populations.

We’ll also be able to improve wet grassland nesting habitat by controlling problem plant species so wading birds can easily look after their young and keep them safe from predators,  and we will also installnew water control infrastructure to enable better water level management for birds on theses reserves.

This was the first time the Trust has participated in the Big Give, and we hope you have all enjoyed  being part of the adventure. Thank-you so much for your support and continued interest in our work.  If you would like to get more involved, please do find out how by visiting our website.