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Stand up for Nature

Standing up for Nature is a fairly broad objective for the Trust.  It can be argued that it actually underpins all of our work and Living Landscape programmes, but when we talk about it specifically here (ie on this website page), what we are really talking about is the design, delivery and impact of our Advocacy Programme.  And by that we mean how we accrue and then use our knowledge, scientific data and influence to encourage key stakeholders in nature in the county to take specific action to bring about positive change for wildlife across the county in an appropriate way – in some cases this involves legislative change.  In some areas we act purely on a local level, and in others, where issues are of more national concern we work in partnership with our fellow trusts and partnering organisations across the country so as to have maximum impact.  


Our Advocacy Programme can be roughly divided into two areas; our core work, which comprises the work we do year-round that focusses on developing strategic conservation monitoring & evaluation, mapping and delivery tools which happens in parallel to work that actually physically improves our evidence base.  It is scientific data and evidence that puts us in a stronger, more credible position to be able to influence and work with Local councils, government organisations, conservation groups and environmental stakeholders across the county to make more informed decisions for our local environments and bring about specific policy changes that benefit our local habitats and wildlife and lead to ensuring that the county’s natural assets are both valued and protected.


In addition to this we also support a number of both short and long term campaigns around specific issues, which are either of broad local or national importance or, in some cases are particularly important in supporting our Living Landscape work or projects.  Working in this way, and sometimes with other conservation partners,  we are able respond quickly to the conservation issues or challenges as and when they arise.

You can read more about these two work area by clicking on the 'our core work' and ''campaign' boxes above