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Somerset Wetlands

 21st Mar 2017

Bittern3 cpt Tim Stenton (1)The Somerset Wetlands
There’s untold magic in this place,
A timeless beauty fills the space.
A major triumph we can scan,
There must have been a ‘master plan’.
A sense of wonder everywhere,
And Wetland birds without a care.
The transformation seems complete,
A massive Conservation feat.
I marvel at this calming scene.
A place of stillness,so serene.
A Dragonfly is flitting near,
By a small copse i spy a Deer.
A Harrier drifts overhead,
And Bitterns boom from a reed bed.
A million Starlings take to flight,                                                                                                                                Picture Tim Stenton
A mighty,awe inspiring,sight.
The Lakes are calm,the reeds all sway,
I NEVER want to go away.

By Colin Phillips
23rd Feb 2017