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Severn Vision

“Over the past two years we have been working with a partnership of organisations including RSPB, the National Trust, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, CPRE, Salmon and Trout Association and the Severn Rivers Trust to gather the latest scientific evidence to underpin a positive vision for the Severn Estuary—the Severn Vision project.  The Severn Vision sets out an aspiration for an estuary that:

  • Is restored as a healthy functioning ecosystem, valued for its internationally important wildlife, habitats and landscapes
  • Provides more benefits for people, local communities, places, and economies, including greater resilience to climate change
  • Becomes a natural powerhouse, where development is planned and managed in a way that sustains and enhances the estuary’s resources

The Trust has been instrumental in developing the vision and critical to achieving this locally will be developing local advocacy that links to the seven steps outlined as part of achieving the vision. Key parallel advocacy streams with our Levels and Moors work are stimulating a conversation in Somerset that recognises the key importance of climate change and the need to adapt to this.

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