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Ready, Steady, Wild! 30 Days Wild Kicks in as New Poll Launches

 5th Jun 2017

Nature and wildlife isn’t just for those living in rural places to enjoy on a daily basis  - a new poll of over 2,400 people living in cities across the UK reveals that city-dwellers have a strong affinity for nature and think that it’s important to help care for it.  But while nature is important to them, unsurprisingly they struggle to connect with it as much as they’d like, and a high proportion of people want to see more nature in cities and urban green spaces - the places where most people actually live, work and spend the majority of their time.


The poll results coincides with the start of The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild challenge, which runs throughout June encouraging people to commit Random Acts of Wildness – daily connections with nature – every day for thirty days.  Somerset Wildlife Trust is providing a whole host of brilliant ideas for people to get closer to, and benefit from the natural environment – and there are things to do for those who live near green spaces or parks in urban towns and cities, as well as more rural areas – and even there’s some ideas to help make your own garden more friendly for wildlife. Anyone can do something wild, wherever they live or work.

- David Tipling - 2020VISION (6)


Poll highlights:


  • 92% of adults think it’s important to help nature – 56% report doing something to help it in their garden, and 78% of adults want to see more nature in their cities.
  • 89% of city-dwellers surveyed feel that nature is important to them but 80% of them don’t think that they spend enough time in nature.
  • Just 21% said that the last ‘wow’ moment they had with nature was in their local city area – while 60% of people’s most recent special moments with nature was from elsewhere, such as television, holidays and visits to the countryside.
  • Only 9% have enjoyed visiting a wild place as part of their working day in the last week .


    Jolyon Chesworth, Nature & Wellbeing Manager comments. “We are really thrilled with the response the 30 Days Wild campaign has received already, with sign-ups having nearly trebled from last year. Don’t worry if you haven’t joined in yet, as there’s still time to apply for the free 30 Days Wild pack from  Register by the 10th June and you can join in - discover an urban jungle, spot gorgeous goldfinches or go barefoot in a park – it all counts. Also, the poll found that very few of us enjoy wild places at lunchtime. With the pressure on at work, it’s easy to get stuck behind your desk, so maybe you can get away from your desk more often and make nature part of your work life, as well as at home: less screen time, more green time!”


    Don’t listen to us….listen to these people:


    Amy Williams OBE, Olympic Gold Medallist, TV presenter and public speaker, says:

    “I have always been passionate about wildlife and looking after the world we live in. I’ve been lucky to go on some amazing wild adventures all around the world, but my love of nature began at home. Some of the greatest adventures happen in your everyday life. 30 Days Wild is perfect for me; it combines my love of being outdoors and staying active with my creative side, too. I can’t wait to get involved!”


     Ellie Harrison, presenter of Countryfile and President of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, says:

    “Children are skilled at playing in nature.  But they’re even better at it when adults are doing it too: it’s an approval that it’s worth doing.  But perhaps most importantly of all, by watching adults enjoying themselves they too will learn how to have fun.  Pledge random acts of wildness every day this June and join us in 30 Days Wild!’


     Dr Alice Roberts, Academic, writer and broadcaster, says:

    “Getting out in the natural world is good for the mind and body. And it's not just for the weekend – it should be every single day. Immerse yourself in nature this June with 30 Days Wild!"