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Organise your own event

Got your own fundraising idea? That's great! We want to hear all about it. For enquiries about fundraising, fundraising materials and collection tins, please contact

Remember if you're under 18, you'll need consent from your parent or guardian.

Top event tips

The best way to have a successful fundraising event is through good planning, realistic targets and a lot of enthusiasm! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Organise an event you will enjoy arranging and others will too. Depending on your interest, you could hold a coffee morning, run a cake sale, disco or themed party at your local village hall, organise a plant or book sale, hold a sponsored walk or bike ride or do something completely different.
  • Allow plenty of time to promote your event and ask family, friends and colleagues for their ideas and support. We might even be able to help you with a press release or via our social media channels.
  • Pick your date well in advance and watch out for clashes with other events.
  • Consider how many people will be coming along and what facilities you’ll need to lay on, such as car parking, refreshments and toilets.
  • Consider decorating your venue to enhance your event and to promote Somerset Wildlife Trust.
  • Think about who'll be interested in coming along to your event and attract their support with invitations and posters you know they'll like as well as social media.
  • Set yourself a fundraising target, break it into manageable chunks, then decide how you're going to raise each bit.

Keep in touch. Let Emma know if you have any questions or need any Somerset Wildlife Trust materials.


Keep it safe

It's your responsibility to ensure your fundraising event runs safely. Somerset Wildlife Trust can't accept liability for accidents or damage to people or property as a result of your event or activity, even when that activity is run to raise money for the Somerset Wildlife Trust.

Carry out a risk assessment before your event or activity to ensure that everyone involved with your event – participants, helpers and spectators – stays safe. You can find out more at

Make sure that everyone involved with your event is aware of any potential risks and of any special requirements for taking part, eg fitness levels, training or specialist equipment needed.

Supervise your event properly and adequately. And take particular care if children are involved.