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Landowner Advice

Looking at green hay © Alexandra PickThe advisory team at Somerset Wildlife Trust is responsible for all the external advice provided to other land holders. Sometimes this is referred to as the ‘wider countryside’ work as the team focuses its attention away from reserves. Work that the team carries out includes:

Living Landscape Projects

These are new initiatives focussing land holder advice at specific parts of Somerset to link rare habitats and provide corridors for species to move in the light of climate change. These projects liaise with a wide range of people including landowners, tenants and graziers as well as the local villages where they are set-up. 

Click here to read more about our living landscape projects

Local Wildlife Site Advice

Local Wildlife Sites are non-statutory sites designated on the basis of criteria developed by a partnership consisting of a range of conservation and governmental organisations. There are around 2000 local wildlife sites in Somerset. Advisory work is carried out by the living landscape projects when they fall within the boundaries of these large-scale initiatives.  Advice for local wildlife site owners is available outside of these areas through Somerset Wildlife Trust head office in Taunton.

Private Nature Reserves

These are people who manage areas of land for biodiversity and not for profit.  The network has been set-up by Somerset Wildlife Trust to provide support and enable information about habitat management to be provided.  There are around 120 private nature reserves in Somerset. To find out more, click here.

Wildlife Gardening

Somerset Wildlife Trust has a wildlife gardening group to enable everyone to get involved in conservation, no matter how small their plot of land.


Looking at green hay © Alexandra Pick