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Humans of the Levels

‘A picture of the Somerset Levels, one story at a time’


Humans of New York’s goal was to photograph everyday New Yorkers, and record their quotes and short stories. This Facebook page now has over 20 million followers, and provides glimpses into the lives of strangers on the streets of New York City. The work is also featured in two bestselling books and a new website;

Somerset Wildlife Trust is doing the same for the people of the Somerset Levels. The vision is to build a community on Facebook, to create a picture of the Somerset Levels, one story at a time.

Take a look here: 2000px-Facebook New Logo (2015).svg

We want to tell stories about people in the levels whether that be from a farmer, b&b owner, cheese maker, birdwatcher, fisherman, school teacher, nature reserve volunteer, hedge cutter, landscape gardener, dog walker, student, politician, withy grower, cider maker.

  • In telling stories we hope to better understand the people behind the area. 
  • In understanding a place, people want to learn more
  • When they learn, they love
  • When they love, they protect – all the time we build a positive community with a sense of place

How does it work?

  • Find a person to photograph who you think may have a story to tell (it could be you)
  • Explain the idea to them, that Somerset Wildlife Trust are behind the project and what we are trying to achieve
  • For pointers to the style of photo and stories that we are looking for please have a look at the stories on our Facebook page, ‘Humansofthelevels’. We are trying to achieve a consistent approach so that the page looks attractive, engaging, consistent and professional.
  • This could make an excellent school/college project or for any budding photographers or journalists out there.
  • Once you have the story and photo ready, please email them to

The Photo

  • Have a look at our Facebook page to get an idea of the style
  • He/she does not necessarily have to look directly at the camera
  • Try to include some background of interest, perhaps where they work or their favourite spot in the garden, ideally the scene is clearly in the Levels
  • The photo should be in colour and as natural as possible, not overly staged, more of a lucky snapshot
  • Feel free to take 2 or 3 and send them with the story

Some examples:

Untitled design (18) Untitled design (17)Untitled design (16)Untitled design (19)

The Story

  • The story must come from the subject and written in the first person
  • Ideally it should be about the subject’s connection/passion/love for the Somerset Levels and Moors
  • Keep the story short, no more than 150 words, preferably less
  • It should be the subjects story about their background, passion, loves, from their heart, ideally with a nature angle
  • It could be funny or poignant, something that makes people think or smile or both
  • A good opening question is “Why is this part of Somerset and its nature, special to you?”
  • Don’t feel you have to stop at one story, photograph as many people as you like and send their stories and images to us
  • Please be patient if your story does not appear straight away we will post one story a week
  • The SWT reserves the right not to put a story online if the guidelines above have not been met
  • If you have any questions please email Steve on .

Thank You!