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Things To Do For Taunton's Wildlife

There are lots of ways you can support Taunton Living Landscape and help protect the wildlife that lives on your doorstep. Click the links below to find out more and don't forget you can get in touch using our contact form.

The cygnet twins © Lynne Newton

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Kingfisher © Micheal Dearden

Tell us what wildlife  you've seen

Fill in our simple form and tell us what you've seen. Report a sighting.


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Try wildlife gardening

Help create little wildlife havens across Taunton.
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Wild Daffodil © Bob Hastie




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Bluebells at Thurlbear © Matthew Marshall

Volunteer with us

Join our Taunton Conservation Volunteers at work on our nature reserves. Find out more


Join a walk or talk

Our Taunton volunteers put on lots of events exploring wildlife. See local events

A quick reminder - what will Taunton Living Landscape do?

• Create space for wildlife in existing and new urban greenspaces, giving local people access to nature on their doorstep
• Improve the network of linear habitats, linking up wildlife spaces across the town
• Encourage people to explore, enjoy, and play a part in caring for their natural environment
• Educate people about the importance of our natural environment

For the full Taunton Living Landscape story click here.