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Taunton Garden Town Conference – 31st October 2017



In 2017 Taunton was afforded Garden Town status by the Department for Communities and Local Government, but what exactly does Garden Town status actually mean, and what changes might we expect to see across the town as a result?

The design and build of our urban areas has a massive influence on the quality of life for those who live and work there. High quality design can increase the desirability of an area, boost the local economy through jobs and tourism, increase health and wellbeing, foster community pride and benefit the natural environment. Poor quality design can, and does, have the opposite effect, creating unnecessary problems that can be costly to fix.

This thought-provoking conference brought together national experts and key local stakeholders to explore Garden Town principles, what constitutes exemplary urban planning to support healthy communities and a healthy natural environment, and how this can be applied to Taunton Garden Town to ensure new developments and regeneration realise the multiple gains on offer.

Below are the presentations from the conference, along with the summary feedback and thoughts from attendees. For more information on the conference email


Envisioning the future of Taunton Garden Town – Delegate information pack

Somerset Wildlife Trust – Taunton’s Living Landscape

Town and Country Planning Association – Achieving high standards for Taunton Garden Town

J&L Gibbons, landscape Architects – Envisioning the future of Taunton Garden Town

Taunton Deane Borough Council – Growing our Garden Town

Public Health England – Planning the built environment

Taunton Garden Town Conference – Summary Feedback

Taunton Garden Town – Frequently Asked Questions (TDBC)