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Freya Morgan

Hello, I’m Freya, the new Community Engagement Trainee, and I’ll be roaming all over Somerset!

Here is a little bit about me.  At university I completed an art degree in London, and a Masters in Art and Environment at Falmouth Art College.  My art became focussed on environmental issues and conservation, and I worked with the Eden Project, London Wildlife Trust and Somerset Art Works, amongst other organisations, to deliver environmental art workshops and create large sculptural works on subjects ranging from rising jellyfish population, to endangered pollinators, to Ecuadorian orchids!

I am very passionate about protecting and celebrating the natural world, and getting people excited about nature, which in turn promotes shared responsibility and guardianship. I’ve worked in schools in the past, and I think engaging the younger generation is one of the most important things we can do, if we are to have any chance of tackling conservation issues, from the decline in local species’ habitat to worldwide mass extinctions.

Before starting the traineeship I was volunteering with the Trust’s Magnificent Meadows team across the Mendips. I then worked with the RSPB in Sussex over the summer, taking schools groups out onto reserves and helping them discover the species that lived there - a great springboard into the traineeship!

I am with Somerset Wildlife Trust for a year, and during this time I’ll be working across two projects: Magnificent Meadows and  Routes to the River Tone, and I hope to get involved with the Trust’s new  Coastal Appeal, Wild Walks, and lots more!

I hope to continue working with children (I’m especially excited about completing my Forest Schools certificate!), whilst also getting involved in events management, interpretation and communications. I don’t have a background in the sciences, so this year will give me a good grounding in conservation ecology - I am looking forward to gaining skills in species I.D, surveying and monitoring.

To keep up with my journey as a trainee, check out the blog pages, or follow me on Twitter: Social-Media---T @SWTFreya



Freya's Blog

Freya13At the start of November I was off to Aberystwyth to complete my second module for my Ecology HND- this time in ‘Animal Diversity’. It was a 3-day whistle-stop tour of evolution and taxonomy- a lot to take in! We looked at many weird and wonderful creatures, including a rather fetching sea-mouse (Aphrodita)- a type of marine worm!

twelveFrom seed sowing to coppicing I have been upto a lot of fun in October. Read on to find out more...

Dragonfly_logSeptember seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye, and now Autumn is here full of my favourite fiery colours in the trees and bracken on the hillsides, and promising pumpkins, conkers, bonfires and crisp mornings. I love this time of year.

doormouseAThe first two weeks of August were jam-packed with exciting things! But the one that made me squeal like a 5-year-old was Dormouse surveying!!!

Photo 1 - FreyaWOW! It’s been a whirlwind first month of meeting new people, encountering new wildlife, engaging with the public at events and getting my head round the big main projects I’ll be working on over the next year.