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After a really successful three years the Save our Magnificent Meadows project has now come to an end so these pages are provided for information only. However, you can still get involved in helping transform the fortunes of our wildflower grasslands by volunteering with the Magnificent Meadows Conservation Volunteers who are continuing to work on grassland reserves throughout Mendip on the first Thursday of each month. Please click here for more info. 

For information on meadows, including how to create one in your garden or on your own land, please visit the Magnificent Meadows website (link to, which has a huge amount of useful information, or you can get in touch with our Mendip team, here. 

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Self-guided walks

The Magnificent Meadows project has produced an exciting series of self-guided walks of different lengths and varying degrees of difficulty to help you explore some special places across the Mendip Hills.

These walks will take you through some of Mendips most beautiful reserves including Middledown, Edford Meadows, Harridge Woods, Ubley Warren and Velvet Bottom. 

Download, save or print the leaflets below, and go explore!

Edford Meadows Self-Guided Walk
Middledown Self-Guided Walk
Ubley Warren/Velvet Bottom Self-Guided Walk
Priddy Self-Guided Walk






    As part of the Save Our Magnificent Meadows project we have also released a series of geocaches on our meadow and species-rich grassland nature reserves. These geocaches include all things meadows! 

    Why not go and find them next time you are in the Mendips, and learn about the plants and animals found in the meadows. 

    You may need a GPS device to find them, or you can download the handy geocache app.

    To find out more about geocaching visit the website.




    Be Safe, Have Fun

    We want you to have fun out in the meadows, but if you are out enjoying these walks or looking for geocaches please remember a few things:

    • Keep dogs on leads around livestock
    • Stay on the public footpaths when walking across privately owned land
    • Always close gates behind you

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