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Somerset Wildlife Trust's First Ever Crowdfunding Campaign Set to Transform Grassland into Wildflower Meadow

 8th Sep 2017

6th September 2017 – Somerset Wildlife Trust is delighted to announce that it has exceeded its £5000 crowdfunding target for its Perry Mead Wildflower Project.  Thanks to over 150 members of the public, an amazing £5,630 was raised for the Trust’s Perry Mead Wildflower Project which will go towards overall cost of completing the project which is £9500.   

The crowdfunding campaign also caught the attention of local business Golledge Electronics, who then pledged a further £1000 to help secure the project’s success,  alongside generous donations from an anonymous donor and one of the Trust’s own area groups who were also inspired by the project.

This wonderful new project now has the funds to improve habitats for Somerset’s bees and butterflies, which will help reverse the shocking decline in pollinators over recent decades.

The money raised will be used to collect seeds from flower-rich fields at Babcary Meadow Nature Reserve and sow it onto a species-poor field at Perry Mead Nature Reserve, transforming a mainly grass field into a to a diverse mix of flowering plants and grasses; perfect food for Somerset's bees and pollinators to enjoy.

Buff-tailed BumbleBee012cjonhawkinsSurreyHillsPhotographyorange tip butterfly Chris Chappell

Mark Green, Somerset Wildlife Trust’s Reserve Manager for Babcary and Perry Mead had this to say:

“We can now start to make plans to improve habitats Somerset’s Bees and butterflies thanks to all the kind donations we received throughout August. A huge thank you goes to everyone who has made a pledge and helped us spread the word about our Perry Mead Wildflower Project– we will let you know how it goes”.

Jonathan Golledge, Managing Director, Golledge Electronics said:

““At Golledge Electronics we’re very proud to have been a corporate partner of the Somerset Wildlife Trust for over a decade, and we try hard to support the projects we think will make a lasting difference in our community. This project to support pollinators is of real importance, particularly in a county with such a wealth of food and agricultural businesses. We’ve been avidly watching the campaign from behind the scenes hoping that it would be successful, and it is our pleasure to be able to give the project a boost in funds to help protect and nurture the natural assets that drive our whole county’s success.”

Since the 1930s we have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows, and with it lots of our pollinators. This is bad news for us as we rely on them for food - one in every three mouthfuls of food is down to them. And it’s not just the 250 species of bees that put the time in - it’s butterflies, moths, flies and various other insects such as beetles and wasps. Now we can repay the favour and make sure they have the habitat they need to survive and thrive.


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