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Investing in Somerset's natural environment

More so than many other counties in the UK, Somerset’s natural environment and remarkable landscapes are fundamental to the county’s economic health and for the growth of its business communities.  Whether you are a medium to large company operating directly within the food and drink or farming and agriculture industries; an artisan food, arts and craft SME based in one of the many thriving rural communities; a business focussed on travel and tourism, or a service industry - somewhere along the line, Somerset’s rich landscapes, its wildlife and natural capital will have, or still will be, contributing in some way to your success, the health of your employees and the communities they live in.  An environmentally healthy county supports a healthy bottom line - which in turn ensures that Somerset continues to be a desirable place to live, work and visit. 

Maintaining and preserving Somerset’s landscapes and its wildlife should therefore be of utmost importance, yet our natural environment continues to remain low on the business agenda. 

The majority of our work is made possible through the support of our members and people who live and work in the county who choose to make donations or fundraise for us.  But this will no longer be enough.  The changing economic climate and Brexit will see a significant reduction in the amount of conservation funding available to us in the future, which makes securing support via corporate fundraising even more vital for us.  We have a roster of loyal corporate supporters, for a list click here, but we urgently need more help.   

Supporting Somerset Wildlife Trust’s work means that your business can put something back into the landscapes, green spaces and communities that support your business and, at the same time, achieve a wide range of other commercial and organisational benefits.

Whatever the size of your business, and whatever your motivation may be, there are many ways you can get involved with our work. You might want to boost a corporate responsibility programme or meet community engagement targets; improve employee health, wellbeing and motivation and make your staff feel good about the organization they work for; or enhance your environmental sustainability credentials – which through additional cause-related marketing or sponsorship activities will drive greater brand loyalty and trust from your customers, and differentiate you from your competitors and improve your market share.

The more we work with companies across Somerset, the more we recognize that there is a desire to contribute to the natural environment. We also believe that supporting a conservation charity can complement existing relationships that many businesses have with their chosen health, social and community charities and offer new ways to engage staff.

Whatever you want to achieve, please do call us to arrange a meeting or click one of the boxes to the left to find out more about how your company can support our work.