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Somerset's Brilliant Coast 

Somerset’s coastal landscape is loved, enjoyed and celebrated by its local communities for its immense variety, the richness of its wildlife and the contribution it makes to their health and wellbeing.          

Somerset’s Brilliant Coast Project exists to work alongside communities impacted by the Hinkley Point C development to foster an even deeper, more long term connection to our special coastal places and wildlife to, not only improve their own personal wellbeing, but to embed the love of our coast as part of a foundation for healthy and resilient communities.

Untitled design (25)Curious Coast

This project will involve a programme of events to inspire local people affected by the Hinkley Point C development in Somerset, to learn about Somerset’s Brilliant Coast and become involved in its conservation.

Our events will raise awareness of the value of Somerset’s coastal heritage, inspiring residents and visitors to learn about Somerset’s coast, and as a result become interested and involved in its conservation. We  hope to do this by delivering a range of community engagement events to connect people to Somerset's coastline and learn lots and have fun whilst takign part. 


Events will include Rock Pool Rambles, wildlife watching trips, beach cleans, citizen science activities and much more. Keep a look out on our events page to see what you could get involved in. 

Parish ShoresUntitled design (27)

This project will engage communities affected by the Hinkley Point C development in Somerset, by working with them to build a sense of ownership over their lcoal coastline, and inspire them to have their own ideas on how they can build a community that cares about the coastline, and enpower them to keep the momentum of coast conservation across the community. 

We will work with communities to help them set up events and engagement to help local communities map and learn about their heritage, helping communities to find out what parts of their coastline they want to project, and identify activities that will bring people together to enjoy and take action to conserve heritage, and celebrate their local environment

We will be looking for enthusiastic members of the community, known as “social entrepreneurs”, to help make this happen. We will recruit, train and support volunteers from within coastal communities to enhance local capacity to protect, enjoy and promote coastal heritage and help secure the legacy of the project.

Untitled design (28)Wild Beach 

This project will be work with schools, teachers, groups and clubs in communities affected by the Hinkley Point C development to offer outdoor learning opportunities, using the interesting and inspiring coastline. 

We will work with schools, groups, clubs and teachers to develop and deliver outdoor learning activities, which give children a connection with nature and safe places to explore, with the aim of mitigating any concerns over safety in the area that may have arisen due to the Hinkley C Development.

Secondly, the project amis to improve the health and welling of the next generation, by inspiring children to get active and explore the coastline. Research shows that early experiences with nature and the outdoors can promote a lifelong connection to nature and greater resilience to life’s ups and downs. This engagement will provide children with valuable personal experiences that can have both mental and physical beneficials through to adulthood.

We will Map exercises to familiarise school children with Somerset’s coast, and hold Rock-pool rambles and food chain games to generate understanding of coastal  species, and the places they call home, as well as the impacts they may face and the ways  they need to adapt to them. We will also be encouraging children to get creative and create sculpture, beach art and sundials, as well as photogprahy the habitats they live in, predator-prey interactions, environmental stresses and adaptationsPlus with the Scavenger hunts we hope to encourage children's exploratoty side!