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Adam Llewelyn

Hello, my name is Adam, and I am the Practical Conservation Trainee for East Mendip.

I have had a love for nature and wildlife all my life, which probably comes from growing up in the New Forest and spending most of my childhood playing in the woods and generally being muddy. For the past ten years I have been in a job I generally enjoyed but wasn’t passionate about, so at the age of 30 I decided to make a change. Over the past two years I have been studying countryside management at college, as well as volunteering as much as possible. I firstly volunteered with Bristol Zoo with the fantastic mammals team, then with the National Trust and Wildlife Trust in and around the Mendips. The time I’ve spent volunteering has only reinforced the direction that I want to head in.

This year has been fantastic! Not only am I over the moon that I have successfully got this traineeship and excited for my journey with the Somerset Wildlife Trust, but I was blessed with the most beautiful baby girl, (Daisy).

I’m really looking forward to vising some more reserves from other counties to see how they work, and get to know other wildlife trainees, along with being on reserves within East Mendip to make conservation plans happen. I am really looking forward to gaining more skills, such as felling, and putting the ones I have to test!


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Adam's Blog

group 4The bluebells are out, the sun is shining and Winter seems like a lifetime ago.

Adam pic 5Spring has officially sprung, and the countryside is coming back to life. The start of March begins with cracking on with getting all of the outstanding scrub clearance and felling done before the start of bird nesting season. Firstly I started with burning the scrub that had come out of the cleared hedge line at Long Meadow

Adam CThe frost has gone, spring is almost here………..

Work to get as much scrub cleared before next month has increased, so first job of the month is to cut and burn a section of gorse on Yoxter range. In a few weeks the trees and bushes will be used for nesting and foraging for a whole variety of birds so we have to get this done before they return. .

Adam lake1After a nice long break for Christmas I’m straight back to it at Hollow Marsh digging in a new gate post and hanging the gate on some new hinges. The art of gate hanging is something I’m still trying to master as it always seems to end up on the low side, but with a little tweaking with a lump hammer, it slotted in to place.

Adam cop1Officially half way through my traineeship now, where has the time gone??

Unfortunately due to bad health and the Christmas holidays December was a particularly short month, but I will try and show some festive cheer nonetheless.

Adam2It's certainly getting colder...time to wrap up...

Novembers started as it should for me, lots of scrub clearance and bonfires. My first task was working up at Yoxter range and clearing a large amount of gorse which had been encroaching on to our newly planted hedge line. This was all done by hand due to the close proximity of the fence which meant it took me most of the day, but I must admit lone working in the middle of nowhere is absolute bliss for me so the more days like this the better

Adam 4So I’m a third of my way through the traineeship. It really is true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

Adam4So, I'm a quarter of my way through my traineeship already and it's certainly getting tougher, but ultimately more rewarding and enjoyable.  I’ve spent a good few days on the Yoxter reserve doing various fencing repairs and fitting new posts and rails. I’m definitely getting a lot better and quicker at my fencing work, and I’m sure there will be a lot more to do during the Winter.

Adam Aug 2My second month is over already and it really is living up to expectations. I’ve learnt so much, in such a small space of time. My first job has been to book on to some of my courses. Having these early on will mean I can crack on with my skills throughout the clearance and felling season starting in September.

Photo 2Hello, I am Adam, one of the new Wildlife Trainees, and I will be carrying out practical conservation at reserves in the East Mendip area– welcome to my first blog post! My first month has flown by, and has been extremely eventful, and very exciting. In a short space of time I have experienced so much, from planning and team building to practical conservation and surveying.