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Abigail Rose

Abigail Rose

My name is Abi, and I am the volunteer and community engagement trainee based in the Callow Rock offices, near Cheddar.

After graduating from Plymouth last year with a degree in Conservation Biology, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with it! I knew I'd like to work for a charity, but that was about it.

So based on that I began the job hunt and started working for the RSPB as a membership recruiter soon after finishing my final exams. This was great as I got to visit some beauiful sites and events, met great people and massively improved my confidence with talking to the public!

However, I realised that I didn't want this to be my forever job and so seeked out experience on an actual conservation project. Since then I have completed a six month internship with the RSPB Stone-curlew project as well as volunteering for the Save our Magnificent Meadows project. This has allowed me to dabble in lots of things such as surveying, report writing, organising and attending events and assisting educational groups.

By this point I had decided that the thing I enjoyed the most was interacting with members of the public and inspiring them about nature. So when I saw this traineeship, I jumped at the chance to be able to progress my skills in this area. And here I am!

This year I am looking forward to learning a wide range of skills (I'm especially excited about completing my forest skills certificate!) which will help me to start a long term career in public engagement, but most importantly allow me to get a job that I will enjoy!

To keep up with my daily life as a trainee, follow me on twitter: @abigailrose1991