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Taunton Literary Festival

Sunday 6 November 18:00

Sunday 6th November at 6pm
World Tree Story and Selwood Forest - History and legends of the world's ancient trees with Julian Hight

All illustrated talk by Julian Hight filled with anecdotes and stories that takes a fresh look at the ancient forest of Selwood and some magnificent ancient trees closer to home. 

Thursday 10th November at 8pm

Cheats & Deceipts: How animals and plants exploit and mislead

In nature, trickery and deception are widespread. Animals and plants mimic other objects or species in the environment for
protection, trick other species into rearing their young, lure prey to their death, and deceive potential mates for reproduction. In this book, Martin Stevens describes the remarkable range of such adaptations in nature, and considers how they have
evolved, and become increasingly perfected as part of an arms race between predator and prey or host and parasite

Brendon Books, Old Brewery Buidlings, Bath PLace, Taunton TA1 4ER

Contact/Booking Information
Please book through Brendon books, Tel. 01823 337742 or email:

Cost for both events 
Tickets £7.50


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