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Garden Photographs

These are some of the photographs that have been sent in by people requesting their wildlife garden plaques. Clearly the wildlife of Somerset is well served by some local gardeners.

Enjoy... ­ they might provide ideas for inspiration, admiration and if you have a sneaky suspicion that your garden is just as good for wildlife ­ why not add your photographs to our free Somerset Wildlife Gardening Flickr group or email them to Jane

Wildlife Gardening Top Tips

There is always something to do in the garden ­ why not read this months offering on jobs to do in the garden and wildlife to watch out for.

Top 10 Tips for Wildlife Gardening

Tell us what changes you are making to your garden

Have you any garden projects on the go? Do you have plans to turn your lawn into a meadow or your shed wall into a bird nesting paradise? Let us know and we’ll add your plans to a "scrolling slideshow of inspiration" on this page.

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