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Somerset's Wildlife Gardens

Be inspired when you come to visit our nine beautiful wildlife gardens dotted across Somerset. Explore, relax and learn how to easily bring more wild life into your own outdoor spaces. Then finish your perfect day with tea and cake. All profit made will be donated to Somerset Wildlife Trust.

Saturday 24 June - Sunday 25 June

Hillcrest is a 5 acre garden with so many special places within it that everyone can find a perfect spot to sit and contemplate. The lawn is the most formal part of the garden but is perfect for cartwheels!

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Sunday 2 July

Ball Copse Hall has one of the most breathtaking views in the county. The enormous sky stretches over the Quantock and Polden hills with Brent Knoll to the side. It is understandable as to why it was chosen as a military hospital in the war as the hope was that the views would heal everything!

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Sunday 9 July

Model Farm is a beautiful 4 acre garden that has been lovingly created in the last 7 years. Owners David and Roz planted 700 trees and a wild flower meadow as well as numerous stunning flower beds.

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